Wednesday, July 8, 2009

List of COA Vacant Positions

If you are interested, a list of COA vacant positions can be accessed through the link below: Join the COA working force and be a part in nation building!

coa vacant positions


Application for Employment

For those who have never been employed in the government:
Updated Personal Data Sheet, 2005 Form (handwritten, with thumbmark, residence certificate no., and 1x1 picture)
Certificate of CS Eligibility/RA 1080/Report of Rating/BAR
Training Certificate(s)
Transcript of Records with Special Order No. or Diploma

Additional documents for transferee/reinstatement/reemployment:

Copy of Latest Attested Appointment
Service Record from previous Office
Performance Rating
Clearance from previous employer (for reinstatement/reemployment)
Appointment for new recruits
Personal Data Sheet (2 copies with 2, 1x1 pictures)
Medical Certificate, if required
NBI Clearance

Additional document for transferee:
Approved request to Transfer
If already submitted, do not require submission but to be attached to appointment.
Certificate of Eligibility/Report of Ratings/RA 1080
Transcript of Records/Diploma
Proof of Master’s Degree, if required by the Qualification Standard (QS)
Certificate of Training


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